Pressure safety valves (PSVs) play a crucial daily role in the process industries by protecting facilities, human lives and invested capital.

A PSV is, in many cases, the ultimate protective device to guarantee equipment integrity. The only way to know if these critical assets are operating fully and complying with required directives is to develop an effective and efficient inspection, testing, and repair asset management strategy. This strategy must guarantee valve reliability and ensure that the PSV can operate at all times and in all circumstances according to its design parameters.

To optimise PSV asset management in the life sciences industry, we have developed a tailored risk-based inspection (RBI) methodology. The API 581 PRD RBI methodology provides a detailed system-wide approach and evaluates the probability (reliability) and the consequence (criticality) of pressure relief valve failure. This provides the data which allows us to set the appropriate inspection frequency based on risk. This methodology can provide significant tangible benefits to an organization, including reducing inspection costs, maintaining traceable auditable records, and creating a benchmark for valve performance.

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Optimising PSV asset management has significant benefits in safety, cost, and overall equipment effectiveness. Our spares rationalization program will also allow clients to reduce their inventory to just required parts.

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