Our team can provide tailored valve training and elastomer installation training, to support our clients in upskilling their own teams.

Our asset specific courses are designed to enable users to understand valve and elastomer terminology, installation, and service issues. Typical training covers testing, inspection, refurbishment, overhaul, calibration and commissioning.

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Courses include:

  • Elastomer Asset Management
  • Valve Technology for the Life Sciences Industry
  • Pressure Safety Valve Inspection, Repair, Overhaul
  • Control Valve Health Check and Maintenance
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SCRI-IS has used this methodology to extend elastomer lifetimes for a number of clients:

  • Client A – Global (18x sites) – 50 to 250% ECO interval increases
  • Client B – 100 to 150% ECO interval increases
  • Client C – 100% ECO interval increase
  • Client D – 50 to 200% ECO interval increases
  • Client E – 100% ECO interval increase
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